Ajax 23 One Design Class Association


Chairman's Report to the AGM of the Association on 31 October 1993.



Chairman Secretary

John R Williams George H Josselyn




I am pleased to report another good sailing season for the Ajax fleet. The National Championships were held at RHYC this year. Fifteen boats took part. Conditions were in general fairly fresh. Five races were sailed, in Dovercourt Bay over Olympic courses. Chris Brown in Mars won four races comfortably and was third once, using sound tactics and superior boat-speed. Chris Mayhew and Jeremy Stone were second in Artemis. John Williams in Thunderer was third with Tony James fourth in Sirius just 'pipped' on discards. The National Championships ran very smoothly due to excellent organisation by Rodney Weller and the experience of Jeremy Brown and his helpers. Many thanks to all of them.


Club racing at RHYC has again been strong with an average 'turn-out' of about of 12 boats. 20 boats have competed in the series. We have 24 in the club, with only 1 not in the water. On one occasion the Chairman recalls 14 boats ahead of him-a fairly demoralising site!


We welcome several new owners:

Tim Headley and Peter Wright in Teal

John Hooper in Sheevra

John Cooper in Curlew

D. Sharp in Osprey

Guy Wallhead joined Will Langton in Manderlay

Dougie Ianson in Fat Boy's Mistress (ex Hermione)


The Spring series was won yet again by Chris Mayhew and Jeremy Stone in Artemis. John Williams in Thunderer was second with Steve Carter and Tim Watkins third in Telamon.


The South West Championships were contested by 14 boats. The series was won by David Matthewson in Ajax. Glen Litherland was second in Samaki with Mike Beaman third in Nimrod.


Falmouth Week had a very good entry with 19 Ajaxes. Anthony Armitage was the overall winner in Hermes, with David Matthewson second in Ajax, and Mike Beaman third in Nimrod.


A special race was held on the May Day weekend for the 'Townsend Salver' in memory of John Townsend who did so much for the Class. The race was won by Brian Roberts in Sandpiper.


The South West Fleet goes from strength to strength with an average of 10-12 for club racing, which is remarkable, as 50% of the fleet are 'up country'.


Interest in both fleets remains high with few boats 'for sale'. The bottoms of the masts seem to be getting ever thinner or 'lace-like', but quotes for new masts seem to be approaching 1000 so repairs are continuing!


Owners are reminded that membership of the association is required for entry into the Championships

I would also ask those who have not completed the measurement forms, to do so in order that we can finalise the certificates.