Ajax 23 One Design Class Association


Chairman's Report to the AGM of the Association on 16 October 1994.



Chairman                                                                                                                               Secretary

John R Williams                                                                                                                   George H Josselyn




Another sailing season comes to an end with both the East Coast and the Falmouth fleets in good heart.  Racing at the RHYC has been well supported with average entries of about 13 boats.  The standard of competition seems to get steadily higher and winning seems to get more difficult! 

The South - West fleet also has turn outs of 10-12 boats, and the standard of sailing is very competitive.


The National Championships were held at Falmouth.  There were 20 entries including one boat from the RHYC which made the 400 mile trip.  Chris Brown in Mars with Bob Tate and Robin Cowling crewing, apparently demonstrated some impressive upwind boatspeed but sailed into more than their share of 'holes'.  I understand that Pinnell & Bax are taking large numbers of new orders!  The series was won by Richard Beaman in Nimrod with David Matthewson in Ajax second and Chris Brown third.


The East Coast Championships were held in Dovercourt Bay as usual.  There were 17 entries.  Two races were held on the Saturday in winds of force 2 to 3.  Artemis won both races comfortably, steered by the owner's brother (an ex Ajax owner)!  The wind on Sunday was again force 2 - 3 but rather misty.  The morning race was won by Tony James in Sirius.  The second race started uneventfully but as the leading boats approached the windward mark a thick bank of fog rolled in reducing visibility to about 20 yards.  The leaders set off to the gybe mark but they only had a hazy idea where they were going!  The OOD abandoned the race and after a wait of 15 minutes, correctly abandoned the rest of the day.  This left Jeremy Stone in Artemis the winner, with Mike and Frank Norman in Apollo second and Tony James in Sirius third.


Measurement certificates have now been distributed to the East Coast fleet and they will hopefully be kept up to date.


The Rules have not been changed since they were revised in 1989, but there is a move from the South - West fleet to alter the number of new sails allowed.  They would like to be allowed a new jib every year as they find that the cloth is damaged before the 2 years have elapsed.  This will be discussed at the 1994  AGM with a view to holding a vote at the 1995 AGM.  If any members have other suggestions for changes to the rules, please write to the chairman or vice - chairman in good time before the next AGM.


Osmosis has not claimed any more victims on the East Coast.  Six boats have now been treated.  I understand that 1 boat in the S-W has had an extensive refit.  Several mast steps have given way and this seems to be the current 'weak spot.'


Falmouth week attracted 22 entries.  Good racing was enjoyed by the participants.  The winner was David Matthewson in Ajax with Richard Beaman in Nimrod second and Anthony Armitage third in Hermes.


There have been no boats for sale at RHYC this season.  Doug Sharps and David Mayne bought Osprey and Guillemot respectively last year.  Interest in the S-W remains very high with demand outstripping supply.  There are no boats currently owned by the syndicate.  The four new owners are: Dr Richard Cox in Samaki, John Howard in Amathea, Rob Collins in Diomedes and Dr. John Whitehouse in Astrid.


The National Championships are at Harwich in 1995.  I understand that there is the possibility of 2 boats from the S-W making the journey.  We would be delighted if they could.


Owners are reminded that membership of the association is required for entry into the Championships.

Full or Associate Membership is also required for each helmsman in National Championships.  Please join now if you are not already a member!  The rules imply that part owners should be full members of the Association.