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                                                                                                            12 May 2001

Dear Member


This is my first newsletter since the Chairmanship has returned to the East Coast.  I would first like to thank Mike Beaman for all the effort he has made for the Association over the last 5 years.  He oversaw the second major rules revision in the last 18 years with all the letters and phone calls that were involved.  We are all much indebted to him. 


The National Championships will be held at Harwich this year.  Tom Hill (National Champion!) will be the Royal Harwich Class Captain this year and he will therefore be organising the event.  We are hoping to see several South West boats travel to our part of the world this year to see if they can retrieve the trophy.  There has been a request from the SW fleet to ask if any Harwich boats would be available to borrow.  If any owners are prepared to lend please let Tom Hill know.


Here are some dates for your diaries.


The National Championships                 14-17 June                   Harwich

(Lee Trophy if enough Falmouth boats appear on 14 June)

Annual General Meeting                        15 June                        Harwich

Note change of date from that previously agreed.


South West Championships                  6-8 July                        Falmouth


Falmouth Week                                    11-18 August               Falmouth


AGM Matters.  The minutes of the last AGM, Agenda, proxy forms and a paper proposing rule changes etc. are enclosed.   I think it is worth reminding the membership that The East Coast fleet has lost 2 more masts in a variety of incidents.  There is a feeling that the Z Spar Z170 section currently being used, is not stiff enough and that the Proctor 4028 spar is more suitable.  The slightly stiffer (next size up) Z Spar section is 3 mm too large in fore and aft measurement for our rules.  It satisfies the rules in all other respects.    There is therefore a motion to the AGM to increase the fore and aft measurement in the rules to allow this stiffer spar. 


It seems to me that there are two arguments here. 

On one hand, the Ajax is a one-design boat and all the masts should be the same.  The Proctor 4028 spar would seem to be very suitable. 

The other argument is that the Z spar section is cheaper and, as they are local to (Harwich), we get very good and prompt service.  Also having some competition should encourage Proctor to keep their prices down.

When a Z spar mast failed after inverting, there were discussions between the Rules Committee and Z Spar and Proctors.  There is now a recommendation from the East Coast Rules Committee, that Rule 10.1.5 should be altered to read “The mast shall have one set of spreaders for the upper shrouds, which may be fixed, swinging or partly swinging.”  (Altered wording in bold Italics)  The current wording is “……..which shall be swinging.”  (Z spar felt that the mast would not have inverted if the spreaders were fixed.)

I would like the membership to consider these issues and vote on them at the AGM or send proxy votes.


News from East Coast.  David Mayne (Class Captain 2000) in Guillemot dominated the class racing in 2000.  Guillemot managed to win all 3 of the series, (Spring, Summer and co-owner Kelvin Douglas helming in his first series, won the Autumn trophy).


Second and third places in the three series were shared between Frank Norman/Jeremy Prosser in Apollo, David Kerridge in Pegasus, John Williams in Thunderer, Gordon Sutton in Telamon and Doug Sharps in Osprey.


The East Coast Championship was a very close affair with the possibility of any one of 5 boats able to win on the last race. 


1st John Williams, 2nd Sharps family, 3rd David Kerridge, 4th David Mayne.


News from Falmouth.  The turnout for Falmouth week was excellent at a total of 23.  The event was won by David Liddington in Athena.  David Kerridge was second in Pegasus and Bob Edwards in Nemesis was third.


National Championship 2000.  Six RHYC boats made the 400-mile trip to St Mawes.  All crews reported a hugely enjoyable event.  Everybody was made very welcome and good results were achieved.  This was felt to be the highlight of the East Coast year.



1st Tom Hill                              Artemis                        RHYC

2nd Gordon Sutton                    Telamon                       RHYC

3rd. Neil Cameron                     Goosander                   St. Mawes

4  Doug Sharps                        Osprey             RHYC

5  David Mayne                        Guillemot                      RHYC

6  David Kerridge                     Pegasus                        RHYC


John Pack (crewing on Pegasus) enjoyed himself so much that he bought Goosander and was seen sailing on the Orwell last Weekend!


In these days of high tech communication, I wondered if it might be a good idea to set up a website for the Association.  Most other classes seem to have them now.  If anybody has any expertise in this area I would be very grateful to hear from them.


I would also like to hear from anybody with comments/suggestions regarding masts or rules etc.    My E mail address has changed and is now                 



John Williams