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Dear Member                                                                                                   May 2002


It seems hardly possible but another year has gone and this sheaf of papers is a reminder that the 2002 AGM will soon be on us.


AGM Matters


I enclose the Agenda for 2002, the minutes from 2001,  a copy of the Association accounts for year end 31st December 2001, a proxy form and an explanatory paper from the East Coast Measurement Committee about the proposed rule changes.  This letter is the chairman’s report, but part of it is a copy of the newsletter that I sent out in December 2001.


From the minutes


It can be seen the change to Rule 10.1.3 (Mast measurement fore and aft) was approved by 13 votes to 1 thereby allowing the Z Spar mast section Z190 into class.  The choice now would seem to be this or the Proctor 4028.


The change to Rule 10.1.5 (swinging spreaders) was not approved and the matter was referred back to the measurement committee. 

The question of wedges and chafing pieces on the mast at deck level was also referred back. 


The measurement committee is proposing a new rule 10.1.5 to the 2002 AGM as in the enclosed paper. 


The committee is not proposing to change the rule regarding wedges and chafing pieces to the mast at deck level.


East Coast News


David Mayne in Guillemot was less dominant than in 2000.  The three series all produced different winners and different combinations of seconds and thirds.


Spring                                       Summer                                                Autumn


1st         Mars                                        Guillemot                                              Pegasus

2nd        Pegasus                                    Avocet                                     Avocet

3rd        Sirius                                        Mars                                                    Apollo




News from Falmouth 2001.  (Report by James Skellorn with many thanks)


The turnout for Falmouth week was excellent at a total of 24 and they had a most enjoyable week’s racing in mixed weather.  The wind blew very fresh on Saturday for the Angela Beaman Trophy, so the fleet settled for tea at the Rising Sun after parading around the committee boat.  Achilles won with superior general knowledge, a plentiful crew of pirates and a large confederate flag. 


Helford Regatta on Sunday was cancelled for keelboats because of strong winds and poor visibility.  Athena set the pattern for the week by winning the Mylor race on Monday comfortably, followed by Pegasus (visiting from the East Coast for the second year running). 


The wind eased race by race until Wednesday when the fleet ghosted round half a lap in thick fog until the race was abandoned.  On Thursday the wind returned strongly and Athena won by an even greater margin.  Her downwind speed was particularly noticeable.  Polyphemus was second.  By the end of the St. Mawes Regatta on Friday, Athena had won all 4 races to win overall and Pegasus had secured second overall. 


On Saturday Pegasus had Mike Garside (ex Alpha Magellan and the new owner of Osprey) crewing.  They crossed the fleet on port at the start and sailed away to win the last race. 


The oddest event of the week was the prelude to the Thursday race.  The fleet waited for 1½ hours in perfect racing conditions as a disabled oil tanker was towed very slowly into Carrick Roads and moored in the middle of the racing area. 




Athena             David Liddington                       4pts      (

Pegasus                        David Kerridge             7          (

Nemesis                       Bob Edwards                            15         (

Nimrod                         Richard  Beaman                      17         (




Fowey week 2001


Six boats competed.  Cedric Thomas in Troy won the passage race by better cheating of the tide off Portscatho.  The first race produced a full breeze and big seas on the start line.  Following that, the wind lessened and Wednesday and Thursday were plagued with little or no wind.  Only three of the scheduled six races were therefore completed.  Nemesis got the best results with two wins to Athena’s one. 


Bob Edwards motoredJane’ over to Fowey as support boat for the fleet and overnight accommodation for Nemesis’ crew.




National Championship 2001 at Harwich.


Two Falmouth boats made the 400-mile trip from St Mawes.  The RHYC members were very pleased to welcome Cedric Thomas in Troy and David Porter in Ajax.  Michael Conlin helmed John Pack’s new boat Goosander and won the ‘Vim’ Trophy for the leading visitor.  14 Boats competed.


The sailing was held as usual in Dovercourt bay.  Doug Brown was Race Officer for two of the days and Mike Akehurst ably substituted for him on the Saturday.  Many thanks to them and to John Block who as usual was lifting and dropping the marks.


The conditions varied from force 1-2 on the first day to 5+ on the Sunday.  This caused very wet beats and some interesting spinnaker reaches.  The temperature dropped considerably on the Sunday when the wind went round to the North, giving us all a long cold beat home.


Guy Wallhead and Martin Kendall sailed fast and consistently in Mandalay to be worthy winners.  Tom Hill was also generally near the front and was a clear second in Artemis.  David Kerridge was third in Pegasus.


Cedric made a very amusing speech about our dirty shallow water with short choppy waves!  I think we must all agree that Falmouth with its clear water and beautiful scenery is a fantastic place and I would strongly recommend going there to race.




Mandalay                      Guy Wallhead               7pts      (

Artemis                        Tom Hill                       12         (

Pegasus                        David Kerridge 16         (

Mars                            Chris Brown                 17         (

Thunderer                     John Williams                17         (

Avocet             Doug Sharps                 19         (





May I put on my measurer’s hat briefly to remind the membership about the importance of the black bands on the mast and boom.  In the old days (pre 1988) mainsails were measured on the luff, the leach and along the foot.  After this time we fell into line with the IYRU and now we only measure the leach and the cross widths at ¼, ½ and ¾ heights.  This means that the only limitations on the luff and foot are the black bands.  Any boats that pull their sails beyond the inner edge of the black band are effectively using a sail that is oversized.  Please, therefore, check your bands before next season and set your sails within them.


Finally it would be sensible and cheaper for our secretary to send out these notices as email attachments. Please let Peter Wright know your address. He will also be able send you the updated class rules and owners list by this method should request them.


If anyone has any comments or queries, please e-mail



Yours Sincerely




John Williams