Du Sautoy Tray
It was presented by D.N.Crowther and E.M.C.DuSautoy for first half season
Saturday racing and as such was won in 1968 to 1970 as follows
Year Boat Owner Venue
1968 Polly Oliver Burnham
1969 Caprice Harwich
1970 Redoutable Lowestoft
From 1984 it was presented for Runner Up in the National Championships
1984 Samaki Bob Scrace Falmouth
1985 Interim John Douglas Falmouth
1986 Telamon Martin Eddy Falmouth
1987 Mars Chris Brown Harwich
1988 Snow Goose Tom Wrinch Falmouth
1989 Guillemot Nick Wrinch & Bruce Johnson Harwich
1990 Achilles John Townsend Falmouth
1991 Hermione Geoffrey Mayhew & Mark Stone Harwich
1992 Polyphemus David Sutcliffe Falmouth
1993 Artemis Jeremy Stone Harwich
1994 Ajax David Mathewson Falmouth
1995 Nimrod Richard Beaman Harwich
1996 Amalthea John Howard Falmouth
1997 Mars Chris Brown Harwich
1998 Nimrod Richard Beaman Falmouth
1999 Thunderer John Williams Harwich
2000 Telamon Gordon Sutton Falmouth
2001 Artemis Tom Hill Harwich
2002 Mandalay Guy Wallhead Falmouth
2003 Pegasus David Kerridge Harwich
2004 Nemesis Bob Edwards Falmouth
2005 Thunderer John Williams Harwich
2006 Thunderer John Williams Falmouth
2007 Athena David Liddington Harwich
2008 Amalthea Roger Wood Falmouth
2009 Guillemot David Mayne Harwich
2010 Amalthea Roger Wood Falmouth
2011 Atalanta Alex Davey Harwich
2012 Mary B Rob Geddes-Brown Falmouth
2013 Athena David Liddington Harwich
2014 Amalthea Roger Wood Falmouth
2015 Thunderer John Williams Harwich
2016 Persephone John Howard Falmouth
2017 Thunderer John Williams Harwich
2018 Persephone John Howard Falmouth