Falmouth Week 2020:

A brilliant effort by the race organisers who persistently worked for the week to go ahead under the current pandemic and actually achieved their aim. We were plagued by a lack of wind with the Champagne Race on Wednesday and the first two days being incredibly light but a full series was sailed in the end. The final day brought a lovely breeze and bright sunshine to round off a great series for the competitors. No committee boats and starts from the Black Rock Pendennis line heading to the north proved entertaining with mixed fleets struggling to stay out of each others way.

Polyphemus rode their luck a few times stealing one win from Achilles on Thursday where they sneaked through within 50m of the line to take a narrow lead on a race that was shortened to one leg after about an hour and a half!

Day 2 was a 3 race day and Orion, Redoubtable, Achilles, Hermes and Persephone all had their moments but Polyphemus managed to squeeze in front each time after many sacrifices to the wind gods. Twice the wind went from NW to SE and back, once via the east and once via the west, Windex were rotating at just the right speed to keep the sailors guessing and Spinnakers going up and down as tiny puffs filled in from new directions

Day 3 was champagne conditions with a light breeze but sunshine prevailed and once again Polyphemus managed to get away - even with their gin specialist in the chair

The Gin Jen


Great few days of racing and lovely to be the first sailing week on the south coast after the lockdown. Huge thanks to

Falmouth Sailing

for their efforts.












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