MERLIN Across The North Sea To The Low Countries 1982



Potential problems of_crossing

Problems of_living on board

Potential problems with the weather

The Crossing



Breskens to Nieupoort

Nieuport to Dunkirk

Dunkirk to Ramsgate

Ramsgate to Harwich

Chart of Itinerary

Schedule of distances

Weather Chart 1

Weather Chart 2

Weather Chart 3

Weather Chart 4

Weather Chart 5

Weather Chart 6

Photo 1. At 7 knots In Central North Sea

Photo 2. Moored At Ostend - North Sea Yacht Club

Photo 3. About To Enter Middleburg Canal At Flushing

Photo 4. Alongside Veersemeer Dam

Photo 5. Sandbank Swimming In The Scheldt Estuary

Photo 6. Cooking 'On Board'