SATURDAY 19TH July 2003



John Williams, Peter Wright, David Liddington, Peter Cockayne, Philip Mayhew, John Selby, David Kerridge, Tony James, Doug Sharps, Richard Chenery, Gordon Sutton, Tony Jarman, Jeff Bacon, Bob Tate, Frank Norman, Cedric Thomas, and Malcolm Mackley.


  1. Apologies for absence: David Pearce, Ewen Stamp and Ken Stowe


  1. Minutes. The minutes of the AGM at St Mawes Sailing Club held Saturday, 20 July 2002 were approved. Proposer Tony James,  Seconder Peter Cockayne.


  1. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.


  1. Chairmans Report. This had been circulated. There were no questions. Proposer Peter Wright, Seconder John Selby.


  1. Treasurers Report and Accounts. Discussion took place on what to do with the surplus funds. The treasurer suggested that each section should have £500. The RYA’s sailability had written to invite us to a charitable event. The secretary and treasurer suggested we send £100. This donation was agreed. (Proposer Doug Sharps, Seconder Bob Tate). David Kerridge wondered if the class should be publicised by some means. A web site was mentioned an idea that most members favoured. David Liddington added there was little need for this in the west as there were no spare boats.    It was estimated that to use the mould again, at least six more boats would have to be built to make it economical. The accounts were formerly approved. Proposer Richard Chenery, Seconder John Selby


  1.  Election of Officers.  The chairman thanked Tony James who was stepping down from committee duties in which he had been involved since the creation of the class thirty five years ago.


The following were elected and re-elected


Chairman                            John Williams                 (East Coast)

Vice Chairman                David Liddington        (South West)

Secretary                            Peter Wright                    (East Coast)

Committee East Coast        Doug Sharps,  Frank Norman, David Mayne

Committee South West            Bob Edwards, Cedric Thomas, Anthony West

Hon Auditor                   Anthony West


  1. 2004 Championships. At St. Mawes at a date close to Falmouth week so that any RHYC boats who make the trip have the opportunity to stay on.


  1. Any Other Business. Tony James asked about the mould. David Kerridge is to store it. The chairman brought up the question of the use of radios. He was in favour of their use being limited and certainly not to be used to hear the five-minute gun and starting procedure. David Kerridge added that a radio is available to summon assistance at any time and therefore its use should not be limited. Further discussion took place but no firm conclusion made. The chairman asked if it was time to produce a revised class handbook and list of members. This was enthusiastically agreed, especially by John Selby who as a past champion had had his name missing from the champions list in the last handbook .  Peter Cockayne queried boat-safety checks preceding the championships. Cedric Thomas said none take place usually.


  1. There being no other business the meeting was declared closed by the chairman at 20.50.