Minutes of the 40th AGM of the Ajax Association held at St Mawes SC 14th July 2006


Chair: Cedric Thomas         Secretary: Simone Kennett   Treasurer: David Liddington


Present: Robin Flynn; Richard Chenery; Doug Sharps; Bob Tate; John Williams; Ken Stowe; Ewen Stamp; Frank Norman; Glenn Litherland; Delia Hazell; Lindsey Thomas; Robin Edwards; Ashley Bown; Elaine Davey; Paul Smart; Mike Conlin; Hilary Newton; Maggie George; Bob Edwards; Richard Bown; David Mayne; Kelvin Douglas; Daniel Duff; James Skellorn; David Kerridge; Chris Brown; Peter Nicholls; David Mathewson   Apologies: Dudley Kennett; Kim Mathewson; Tony James; J Prosser


Chairman opened the meeting and warmly welcomed the E Coast boat owners who had travelled down for the Championships.


Minutes of the previous AGM held at Harwich on 18th June were read, approved and signed by the Chairman.  The Chairman’s Report having been circulated previously was approved.  The Treasurer’s Report was tabled and David Liddington explained the significant points.  He felt that there were sufficient funds this year to cover anticipated expenditure.  The adoption of the accounts was proposed by E Stamp, seconded by J Williams and approved unanimously.


Election of Officers –the present officers were re-nominated en bloc by JWilliams and D Sharps and voted in unanimously.  The E Coast Committee comprises D Sharps, R Chenery, D Mayne and co-opted  J Williams.  The SW Committee has R Edwards and A West as members and needs another person who will be nominated at the SW meeting in August.


1 Ajax Mould – D Mayne reported that its condition wasn’t too bad and that it was re-usable.  Current storage arrangements are satisfactory.  David has taken formers for the keel from Widgeon.  It would be possible therefore to make new Ajaxes should demand increase substantially.


2 One-design issues – the items identified as Notes on the Agenda were discussed with some fervour!  Eventually both E Stamp and G Litherland proposed that these issues should be debated by the separate Rules Committees on each coast and that these bodies make recommendations about what is acceptable and what is not!  This was approved unanimously.  However a significant change was put to the vote in that D Mathewson felt we should add 2 m of chain to the anchor warp already carried as this was both a safety issue and locally a requirement for POFSA Falmouth Week.  10 boats voted in favour, 8 were against – the motion was carried.  The Chairman said that this will come into effect for the 2007 season except obviously for those boats that have to meet the POFSA requirements for this year.


D Mathewson raised the question of measuring some boats each year – say 3 – to check on adherence to one-design principles.  This issue was again delegated to the Measurement Committees on each coast for further debate and recommendation following a proposal by D Kerridge seconded by G Litherland and agreed unanimously.


3 e-mail – S Kennett asked for a mandate to use electronic mail as the standard means of communication within the fleet.  This was agreed.  Any reprinting or reissuing of the Rules will await the deliberations of the sub-committees.


4 360 or 720 turns – E coast will stick with 360 and SW fleet with 720 as it is now the accepted penalty for POFSA Falmouth Week.


5 At the last AGM it was agreed that the fee of £5 should be levied for each sail measured.  These payments are not being received so the Secretary will send out bills.  R Flynn will provide the list of SW sails measured in the past year.


Meeting closed at 2020