Ajax Association 2007 National AGM



Present: Cedric Thomas, John Williams, David Liddington, Robin Edwards, Ashley Bown, Charles Emmett, Alan Williams, Peter Nicholls, Tony James, Gordon Sutton, David Pearce, Bob Tate, Jonathon Pack, Jenna Robbins, David Mayne.


Apologies: John Selby, Ken Stowe and Simone Kennett


The minutes of the 2006 meeting were agreed.


There were no other matters arising.


The Chairmans Report had been circulated with the 2007 minutes. Cedric Thomas merely added to welcome Charles Emmett and Kali to the fleet. Kali having been sourced from Ireland; yet another Irish boat to join the fleet.


The Treasurers Report published and circulated. The increase in subscriptions had caused a few problems, soon letters to be distributed to ‘top-up’ old subscription fees. The Ajax mould has now been moved to free accommodation so there will be no future expenditure. The association is in a healthy situation and excesses could be paid to each fleet in the next few weeks. The premium bonds recently won £50!! We have had them for 2 years and are gaining a 10% interest.


Election of Officers: Bob Tate proposed to re-elect existing officers, David Pearce seconded. There was a unanimous vote of approval.


East Coast Report: All the East Coast boats had had their jib tracks measured. All were in the correct position, 14.5” from the aft chainplate. The general consensus was that clarification of the distance away from the chain plate was required. The SW fleet were happy to put bolts into the track to maintain uniformity, but weren’t convinced it was necessary as they set the car further back than the 14.5”. David Liddington explained that it was merely a clarification of the rule that was required, not a change in rules. To summarise, clarification of the rule was necessary and needed to be added to the rulebook. Tony James proposed and David Pearce seconded, it went to vote and was carried unanimously. It must be noted that the National Champion 2007, Mr John Pack had to ask what a chainplate was!



1. The forward end of the jib track should be no closer than 14.5 inches to the aft chainplate. (11.1.G)


Most East Coast boats had been weighed with varying results, published with Agenda.


David Liddington has a GRP rudder and he was in class when it was made.  The proposed rule change 7.1.1 was modified to take effect from the date of AGM so that he would not be out of class. He could therefore continue to use it legally.  David Liddington pointed out that it was not a light rudder.


Peter Nicolls recommended that weighing of rudders should be brought in later, for those able to remove their rudders, to provide a ‘bracket’ within which the weight should fall. Three of the boats have fixed rudders and can’t be weighed.


Gordon Sutton proposed and John Pack seconded that the new rule (7.1.1) should read…”


From 23rd June 2007 the rudder and skeg shall be made from wood, no less dense than the original wood. The rudder and skeg may be sheathed with epoxy resin or GRP.” The vote was carried.


John Williams clarified the EC Report. The EC fleet want the SW fleet to weigh; John Williams will circulate proposals with the minutes of this meeting. The floorboards and rudder are to be in position when weighed. The boats should otherwise be empty. The legality of Toe Straps was discussed, and David Pearce was to look into the Squib fleet…


AOB The floor wished to thank John Williams for his time and collation of the EC report.


National Championships 2008 It was agreed that we would aim for two weeks prior to Falmouth Week, so that the EC boats could come down for three weeks of sailing.


David Liddington is to make Robin Collins and Greg Webb honorary members of the association, so that they continue to receive the class rules but don’t pay for them.


Cedric Thomas thanked John Williams, David Liddington and Jenna Robbins, and hoped everyone enjoyed their evening.


Meeting closed at 7.30pm.