Royal Harwich Yacht Club


Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting held on Friday 24th June 2011 at 18:00


The meeting was chaired by Bob Tate (Class Chairman)


Present: David Pearce, David Mayne, Kelvin Douglas, Bob Tate, Simon Quantrill,  John Williams, Julian Molyneux, Richard Burnford, Mike Clayton, Gordon Sutton, James Skellorn, Guy Clapson, Dudley Kennett, Peter Nicholls and Cedric Thomas.

1.            Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received Tony James, David Liddington, Richard Chenery, Jeannie and Richard Bown, Charles Emmett, Doug Sharps, Phil Mayhew, John Selby, David Kerridge and Lindsey Thomas.

2.            Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting were accepted as a correct record and signed.

3.            Matters arising

3.1          Cedric Thomas gave an update on weighing boats in the S.W. Fleet.  Results so far:

                Athena                                 923kg

                Victory                                  880kg

                Troy                                       908kg

                Ajax                                       940kg

                Aquila                                   943kg

                Aeolus                                  934kg

                Mary B                                  896kg


These boats have been weighed using the same load cell as the East Coast boats.


3.2          Class handbook

This is a work in progress.  Bob Tate and Kelvin Douglas are putting it together.  Tony James has written a history of the class.  The budget for the handbook is £800.


4.            Chairman’s Report

Since the last AGM at St Mawes Sailing Club on 22.7.10 the 2010 National Championships were held in Falmouth Bay. This turned out to be one of the best Championships with 5 boats visiting from the East Coast Fleet. A total of 23 boats competed in moderate breezes and bright sunshine. The trial format of having 8 short races over 3 days was a great success. The racing was very close with much position changing and there was an exciting finish in the 8th race when Athena (David Liddington) won the Championships by one point from Amalthea (Roger Wood). Atalanta (Alex Davey) was 3rd and Guillemot (David Mayne) was 4th.  Many thanks are due to the race officer, Neil Andrew, and of course Lindsey Thomas for her excellent organisation on and off the water.

Falmouth Week 2010 saw a strong turnout in the Ajax Fleet with 24 boats competing, including 3 boats from the East Coast, Pegasus, Thunderer and Teal, who had stayed down after the Champs. The racing was again very close, but the first 5 places went to the SW Fleet. David Liddington won again in Athena, John Howard came 2nd in Aeolus and Roger and Clare Wood came 3rd in Amalthea.  Pegasus, Thunderer and Teal from the East Coast came 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. In addition to winning the Ajax Class David Liddington and crew had the honour of being awarded the West Briton Trophy and Falmouth Week Trophy for the yacht of the week. The week finished in style with the usual very enjoyable BBQ hosted by Lindsey and Cedric Thomas at Messack Farm. 

In the East Coast Fleet we welcome the new owners of Polly Oliver, Mike Clayton and Bob Portway, and Richard Burnford and Julian Molyneux, who have aquired Widgeon. Atalanta has been moved to the east coast, Alex Davey will be a strong contender when he sails her in the 2011 National Championships this year. There has been a strong entry of 18 boats for the Championships to be held in Dovercourt Bay and we are continuing the format of 8 races over 3 days. We are delighted that Dudley Kennett will be bringing Odysseus up from St Mawes to compete with Guy Clapson and Cedric Thomas as crew. It would not be the same without Cedric.

The RHYC Spring Series saw an average turnout of 7 boats with some strong winds and was won by John Williams in Thunderer. So far we have had up to 11 boats on the line in the Summer Series and Malcolm Mackley in Artemis is in the lead, although sadly he will be leaving the fleet soon when he moves to Salcombe.

With regards to weighing boats, this year the weigh scales were taken down to St Mawes in the spring, kindly transported by Charles Emmett, and every effort is being made to weigh as many St Mawes boats as possible. We understand that Aquilla, Ajax, Aeolus and Troy have already been weighed and we can only have a further debate about the subject when the majority of boats have been weighed.

In summary therefore the National Ajax Fleet is in good heart, it is actively supported with several new owners, the standard of racing is very high and we remain the premier racing fleet at both the RHYC and St Mawes SC.


5.            Treasurer’s Report

Class funds as at 31 December 2010 totalled £4694.51.  Subscriptions produced £906, and there was a premium bond win of £25.  The only expenditure was the RYA sub of £96.


£800 is set aside for the handbook.  James Skellorn requested a distribution of £600 to each fleet.  The East Coast fleet have just contributed £1000 towards the cost of new RHYC racing marks (which have been used in the championship), so the East Coast Fleet’s funds are running low. The question was asked whether funds needed to be set aside to store or repair the hull moulds.  This was not thought necessary at present.


The distribution of £600 to each fleet was approved.


6.            Rule Changes

The changes proposed to rules 13.3.2, 13.4.2, 13.1.1 and 16.4 all relate to routine matters: updating references to IYRU to ISAF, allowing sails to be made abroad and changing the reference to ‘720°penalty’ to  ‘two turns penalty’.  These changes were proposed by David Mayne and seconded by David Pearce and passed without any votes against. 


7.            No notices for 2011 championships


8.            The 2012 National Championship, St Mawes

This is expected to be in July, three weeks before Falmouth week.

The only East Coast boats considering going to Falmouth week in 2011 were Pegasus and Mandalay.


9.            Officers

The existing officers were re-elected unanimously.


10.          Any Other Business

10.1        John Howard’s email regarding rule 10.1.5 (position of forestay and cap shroud attachment points at the hounds) was considered and this question was referred to the measurement committee for further consideration.


10.2        There was a vote of thanks to John and Sally Williams for hosting the party to follow the AGM.


11.          Date of 2012 AGM

This will be held at Mawes during the National Championships in late July.


Meeting closed at 19:02