The Ajax fleet had a busy racing schedule in 2007 with 34 races held on 27 days.A total of 17 Ajaxes have raced at various times and the average turnout has been between 8 and 12 boats with more racing in the Spring Series.We were not able to race at sea as much as we would have liked owing to light winds and poor tides but we have had some very close racing and the standard of racing remains high.There is little doubt that we are still the strongest racing fleet in the club.


One of the main factors that gives us such close racing is the one design nature of our fleet.Most of the boats were constructed within a small time period in the late 60ís and early 70ís and we try to keep faithful to the original design and measurements.There is one other Ajax fleet at St Mawes in Cornwall and both fleets have an active class measurer.Our measurer is John Williams and our thanks due to him and his measurement committee for keeping a close eye on the rules.An important part of measurement is the weight of boats and we are now turning attention to this aspect.Weight can be a factor especially in light winds and the weight of boats can vary especially if they have been treated for osmosis.We weigh most boats at the beginning of the season with the aid of a crane scale load cell and there is in fact some significant variation in weight.


We had good conditions for the Ajax National Championships which were sailed in Dovercourt Bay in June with 5 races over 3 days and 2 well attended social functions were held at the Club, a BBQ and a Dinner. There were 17 entries including 2 boats from St Mawes, Athena and Nemesis.A third team from St Mawes led by the farmer, Cedric Thomas, also sailed in Avocet.†† The championships produced a remarkable victory for Johnny Pack in Goosander which was helmed by Ian Sharps who beat David Liddington in Athena, the south west fleet Champion, into second place with John Williams in Thunderer coming third.Johnny has now gone from novice racer to championship winner in 8 seasons. The National Championships this year will be held at Falmouth in July and it is likely that at least 6 East Coast owners will trail their Ajaxes down to Cornwall to take part.


We have purchased a new launching trailer this year to go with our A frame with thanks to Ken Stowe and David Kerridge for their design in combination with Hayling Trailers.It has been very successful especially for pulling out boats to scrub and we have found it far easier to use than our old mark I trailer.We did at one stage consider the possibility of installing a winch but we found that a 4WD vehicle is the easiest way to pull the trailer and Ajax out of the water and we would like to pursue the possibility of having a dedicated 4WD vehicle for use at the club.


The fleet welcomes enquiries from member and sailors who wish to join an active racing fleet especially as several owners are often looking for regular crew and it is nearly always possible to accommodate new blood in the fleet.Ajaxes do also come up for sale from time to time and at least one boat should be available next season.Any enquires with regards to the fleet should be directed to our new class captain, Charles Rice email:*charles.rice * @btopenworld.com*(remove * and spaces to prevent spam) or tel. no. in RHYC book.


We are all looking forward to the 2008 season under the guidance of Charles and as this year will be the 40th Anniversary of Ajax racing at the RHYC we are planning to have a special Ajax 40th Anniversary Regatta on Saturday and Sunday the 7th and 8th of June.We hope that other classes will join in our celebrations and further information will be circulated in due course.


Bob Tate

2007 Season Ajax Class Captain