St Mawes Club Race Results 2003


Monday Night Racing Results


Summer Series - The Marecco Cup


1 - Nemesis - B Edwards

2 - Sandpiper G Litherland & D Hazell

3 - Troy - C Thomas


September Series (no trophy)


1 - Nemesis

2 -  Troy

3 - Sandpiper


Thursday Night Racing Results


Summer Series - The Kellie Ledward Cup


1 - Nemesis

2 - Aquila

3 - Ajax


September Series - (no trophy)


1 - Troy

2 - Sandpiper

3 - Aquila


Club October Pursuit Series for all classes - Aquila came 3rd


The Norman Smith Falmouth Week Challenge Trophy


Presented in 1987 by Mrs Jessie K Smith in memory of her husband, Mr Norman Smith, for award at the end of each season to the helmsman of the Handicap Yacht judged by the Sailing Committee to have contributed the most to the Club racing during the year and to Falmouth Week in particular. The trophy depicts Black Rock Beacon with a cage top mark as it used to be; the cage provided minimal shelter for a survivor, awaiting rescue!


This year the trophy was presented to Kim Mathewson, Claire and Lindsey Thomas as a Team for, as said by John Andrew who presented it - 'Setting the racing on fire in the Ajax Fleet' It was presented at the Sailing Club AJM in August.