The Vim Trophy
This attractive framed photograph of the 12 metre yacht Vim 
was presented by Peter Milligan and Peter Cockayne in 1996
in memory of Ted Wrinch who had enjoyed sailing his Ajax Vim
at St Mawes, and who had left Vim to the above named in his will.
The Trophy is for the first visiting boat at the National Championships 
which has not won a major prize.
Year Boat Owner Venue
1997 Atalanta Elaine Davey Harwich
1998 Orion  John Williams Falmouth
1999 N/A Harwich
2000 Guillemot  David Mayne Falmouth
2001 Goosander Mike Conlin Harwich
2002 Gannet    Bob Tate Falmouth
2003 Aquilla   Lindsay Thomas Harwich
2004 Puffin  David Pearce Falmouth
2005 Aquilla   Lindsay Thomas Harwich
2006 Guillemot  David Mayne/Kelvin Douglas Falmouth
2007 Avocet Cedric Thomas Harwich
2008 Avocet Doug Sharps/Richard Chenery Falmouth
2009 Pintail Richard Bown Harwich
2010 Thunderer John Williams Falmouth
2011 Odysseus Dudley Kennett Harwich
2012 Mandalay Peter Nicholls Falmouth
2013 Diomedes Paul Over Harwich
2014 Pegasus D Kerridge Falmouth
2015 Hermione Hereward Tressider Harwich
2016 N/A Falmouth
2017 N/A Harwich
2018 Telamon Gordon Sutton Falmouth